We believe in being there for every step in your life.

At UNVEILEDLUST, we stand by you for every occasion and pivotal milestone that you embark on. Whether you are heading for a meeting or a wedding, we want to play a part in it by providing an extensive array of well-designed and good quality selection so that you can strut with confidence and in style.

Distinguished as a multi-label store, we carrying quirky and unique footwear brands like Madame Flamingo and Shuberry shoes. Other than footwear, we have introduced our new line of accessories and shoes in 2017 - which serves as an avenue for ladies who are seeking for a modern brand that embodies confidence, effortless-style and femininity.

Known for her dynamic personality, Shi Ling believes that sharing is caring. That includes her take on fashion, travel and beauty (some of the many topics she loves). She documents her life down in snippets of colours, believing that such would brighten even the dullest days.

With a strong passion for fashion, she then decided to bring in a renowned Thailand footwear, Madame Flamingo into Singapore.

She lives in full knowledge that the world is brimmed with endless possibilities. In addition to securing brands from all over the world, Shi Ling is the creative director and face behind UNVEILEDLUST - a newly curated line of accessories and footwear which expresses her latest fashion craves, loves, style and inspiration.

Having gone through a sorrowful incident, she has viewed life in a different light since then. Now, she would love to inspire others through words and posts of encouragement - where she documents her deepest and unfiltered thoughts under our blog's personal category

H E R    L I F E   M A N T R A 

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’